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Payday loans are short term, high interest loans that cash strapped people take out to meet their needs. The risks of payday loans may seem quite high but compared to their benefits, the risks seem low. Many people with low incomes (less than $ 40,000 per year) typically take out payday loans. Some 12 million Americans, mostly young people (ages 20-30) who are studying or settling into a new life. There are payday lenders in many US cities, and you can get payday loans in Cleveland, California, Texas, New York, virtually anywhere. Let’s talk about some benefits, now that we’ve removed the basics.


Payday loans are a great way to deal with unforeseen costs that you didn’t see coming. They are quick to get and easy to take because most lenders promise cash flow within the next 24 hours. The interest rates on payday loans are higher than many other types of loan programs. However, they more than make up for their quick uptime and the convenience they offer.

The biggest problem most people face when applying for a loan is the fear of rejection, but in the case of payday loans all you need to provide is basic personal and financial proof, and you can. get a loan. Many times even a bad credit score does not hamper your qualification when applying for a loan, and it is established that when you pay off the loan with interest, it will just be part of your next paycheck.


In the case of payday loans, you may wonder if it is safe to provide sensitive personal and financial information to the lender, but rest assured, lenders cannot share your information with anyone without your consent. even for marketing purposes, as this is a legal offense. All you have to do is go to the website, fill out a form, and wait for approval. It is literally that easy. There are no additional costs, hidden charges and obligations. It is very easy to apply for and receive loans and all people can be considered eligible to receive these funds.


Many loan companies use brokers or middlemen to complete the transaction, and middlemen typically take around 10-15% of the transaction. Payday loans remove this cost by eliminating the need for intermediaries. The need for intermediaries is already drastically decreasing due to the ongoing transition of business transactions to the Internet.

Payday loans go a step further because no complicated paperwork is required. You can contact the lender directly and be considered eligible to receive the loan. As soon as your loan application is approved, the money is transferred directly to your bank account. Some lenders may require you to set up a recurring payment plan, which allows lenders to withdraw their contributions directly from your account. This plan is suitable for those who don’t want to micromanage their money. You might think it’s risky, but don’t worry, this is a regulated industry.

]]> Money Saving Tips: How to ‘Realistically’ Manage Pre-Christmas Spending | Personal Finances | Finance Sun, 28 Nov 2021 04:01:00 +0000

However, people can still enjoy the day without spending too much or getting into debt. With four weeks to go before Christmas, maybe now is a great time to create a plan to try and keep overspending as much as possible.

He explained that the average household spends 29 percent more each December.

Norton Finance recommends that people take a realistic look at their financial situation and set an amount that would allow them to comfortably increase their spending.

He said: “Most of us are increasing our spending for Christmas, but it is best not to be too drastic.

“By aiming for modest increases of 15% or less, you can still give yourself flexibility for the holiday season without limiting other areas of spending.


“If you don’t have any savings aside and need to borrow to meet the extra costs, it’s important to decide up front what you think you can afford and how long you are willing to take to complete. refunds. “

If people need to borrow, Paul suggested using fixed-term loans, rather than credit cards or payday loans, which are cheaper to use in the long term.

He said, “If people need to borrow, it’s worth looking for loans with repayments that are right for you.

“Also, it’s a good idea to think about consolidating your debt into one loan, to make it as cheap as possible. “

He said, “Treat yourself like your own business.

“Regularly reviewing your finances will help keep you on track with your spending in the weeks and months to come.

“If it looks like you could still go over budget, make changes to reduce non-essential expenses.

“Is there a direct debit that you can cancel? Or a subscription that you no longer use? Start there.

3 people who shouldn’t invest in a retirement account | Personal finance Fri, 26 Nov 2021 13:05:00 +0000

(Kailey Hagen)

Saving for retirement is a big job, which is why most people work there as soon as they can. Even in the best-case scenario, it may take three to four decades to invest some of your paychecks to get the cash you need.

Setting a monthly savings goal and putting your funds into a retirement account is a smart move for most people, but there are exceptions to every rule. Here are three types of people who would be much better off skipping the retirement account right now.

Image source: Getty Images.

1. Those who do not have emergency funds

An emergency fund should be everyone’s primary financial goal, even above retirement savings. It’s the money you rely on to help cover unforeseen costs like an emergency room visit, appliance breakdown, or your daily expenses following a job loss.

Without emergency funds to lean on, you could go into debt, which would prevent you from saving for retirement and also lead to more immediate problems.

You should save at least three to six months of living expenses in your emergency fund before tackling other financial goals. Some people prefer to save even more than that, especially if they think they would have a hard time finding a new job if they lost their job.

True Credits Raises $ 30 Million In Debt Financing To Offer Payday Loans Tue, 23 Nov 2021 10:53:44 +0000

The True Balance app was initially launched to help users manage phone calls and data usage and eventually began offering bill payment and payday loans through True Credit.

The company claims to have offered more than 700 Cr INR in loans to 7 million Indians with loan notes ranging from 1000 INR to 50,000 INR.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) task force reported a large number of illegal digital loan applications (DLAs) in the country and made recommendations to rule them.

True Credits, a non-bank finance company (NBFC), operated by True Balance, raised $ 30 million in debt financing from investors in India and Korea, raising a total of $ 55 million over the course of the fiscal year 2021. Northern Arc, Arthmate, Shine Star, E clear and Hinduja, as well as other Korean investors were the participants in the round.

True Balance India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Balancehero Co. Ltd., Korea, is an RBI authorized lending platform. Founded in 2014 by Cheolwon ‘Charlie’ Lee, the True Balance app was launched in India in 2016.

After its inception, the platform began offering a range of financial products to its clients, including the ability to pay utility bills and get instant payday loans. According to the company, it has so far disbursed loans worth over INR 700 Cr to 7 million Indians with banknotes ranging from INR 1,000 to INR 50,000. Loans are issued through True Credits, an RBI licensed NBFC.

The True Balance app helps users manage phone calls and data usage. It uses an Alternative Credit Scoring System (ACS) and machine learning-based underwriting models to provide loans to borrowers with low credit. Even though the company is not yet profitable, it aims to break even by the end of this fiscal year.

Digital Loan Applications (DLA) in India

Last week, the Reserve Bank of India’s task force on digital lending through online platforms and mobile apps said 600 of the 1,100 lending apps on app stores are operating illegally. A quick glance at an app store platform like the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store will reveal many predatory loan apps which are available for Indian users. Many users have filed complaints against this app which we found on the Google Play Store, but it is not certain whether it is working illegally.

User complaints include the platform charging exorbitant interest rates, failing to register settlements even after their completion, and threatening to access users’ contact lists and send messages to numbers that are are there.

In light of these complaints, the RBI Task Force made recommendations primarily focused on improving client protection and ensuring that the digital lending ecosystem remains safe and secure.

RBI Recommendations

In the report, the working group made recommendations to submit all DLA to a verification process by a nodal agency to be set up in consultation with the stakeholders. “A nodal agency should be set up, which will primarily check the technological credentials of DLAs of balance sheet lenders and LSPs operating in the digital lending ecosystem. It will also maintain a public registry of verified applications on its website, ”the report said.

The report also recommended that all loan services, repayments and other transactions be carried out directly to the lender’s bank account on the balance sheet and that disbursements always be made to the borrower’s bank account.

High bills for auto identity cash payday advances are increasingly common in the pas Sat, 20 Nov 2021 08:00:24 +0000 High bills for auto identity cash payday advances are increasingly common in the pas

Payday loan and car title options have become more prevalent over the past decade. These financing opportunities typically create smaller amounts (typically $ 500 or less) for a short duration (eg, buyer’s payday). A car name mortgage is comparable, but uses a car tag as collateral instead of the post-dated review or checking account required for payday loans. Yes people cannot fully repay the extent of the borrowed funds at the end of the term, they may have made an interest amount just to wait to pay off the financing. This method (called renewal, renewal, or refinancing) improves total spending without reducing most of the one-time funding.

While low dollar credit can play a vital role in a residential sector in helping a debtor get through financial problems, paychecks and vehicle identity loans typically come with huge rates and costs that will leverage the pressure. financial support for people currently in difficulty. Reported on Arizona Appleseed (a well-known advocacy party for equal admission to equity), depending on the type of financing, a typical cost of a $ 500 mortgage type ranges from $ 600 to $ 1,274. If people refinance their financing, the average price can reach over $ 3,800! In 2014, Texans loaned more than $ 1.6 billion in new loan products from salary and auto concept financing activities and paid more than $ 1.4 billion in additional costs.

Texas is known as a permissive hypothesis with little to no unsecured guarantor loan agency rules.

Also among the permissive gigs, but research found Colorado used the ultimate cost, over $ 23 for every $ 100 loaned for a two-week period and almost $ 234 for every $ 100 stolen after refinancing. According to the Lone-star County Reasonable Credit Report, Texans pay almost twice as much in fees as customers of other programs. The common interest rate (APR) in Texas in 2014 ranged from 242% to 617 per dollar, depending on the types of money. It is actually an understatement to state that these costs are actually much higher than other forms of temporary credit, for example banknotes which normally have APRs of 12-30%.

To place this problem because, the recent CreditCard analysis found that a typical unsecured debt inside Dallas-Fort was really worth almost $ 4,900. Assuming the debtor can spend 15 percent of the month-to-month balances, it could well take more or less 14 days to pay off your debt and a total of $ 382 in interest. If those same amounts were taken away as an instant cash advance (or multiple payday advances of smaller amounts), a borrower will have paid around $ 1,150 in price to pay off the mortgage on time without refinancing. But according to the Pew Foundation Trusts, it will take an average payday debtor five days to be in an online payday loan. Along with the costs of refinancing, this may advise a borrower to have to pay more than $ 11,000 in rate to get the original $ 5,000. This usually means that a borrower can buy 3 to 30 times more money in cash than they would have paid on credit cards.

Income tag and auto loan lending requires more expense in addition to the prices of these loan options.

Often times, short-term costs and maturities cause individuals to get bogged down in a monetary homework pattern where they spend a lot on refinancing costs but are never available closer to taking out the very first loans. Defaults can hurt financing, simply making it harder to get cheap finance down the road, also hurting the ability to find affordable employment or housing, as businesses and homeowners increasingly create determined credit history. The fact is, in line with the responsible credit industry, one in seven job seekers with funding tainted with € 1? were transferred for work through a credit check. In addition, the area that you can support as financing is draining methods that are typically used in the local global economy to cause additional concern about the social treatments of groups seen in a credit cycle.

Just recently there is a movement among cities in Nevada to run payday and auto banking and these 26 then-destinations across the Tx condition have died from hometown ordinances including Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. There have already been many legislative change initiatives guided by former House speaker Tom Craddick, but so far this has not only prevailed. Some of the restrictive orders want these lenders to be listed on the stock exchange because due to the metropolitan place reduce the loan volume as well as the assisted selection refinancing, you must include a provision that the fees must always be lower than the amount the most importantly due. Some areas could work to allow the advancement of cheap options for payday financing and the automotive concept. Trade unions, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations or businesses have all been internally involved in the effort to produce practical choices for payday loan financing by providing micro-consumption investments to an individual. affordable price.

Lunds & Byerlys offers same day pay to workers who want it Thu, 18 Nov 2021 16:49:36 +0000

Every day can be a payday at Lunds & Byerlys, as the grocer embraces one of the latest perks in attracting workers to a tight labor market.

Lunds & Byerlys this week announced a new benefit delivered through Bloomington-based Ceridian that allows its employees to decide when and how often they wish to be paid for hours worked.

“We are thrilled to be among the first 100 companies in the United States to use Ceridian’s pay-on-demand feature so our team can be paid when it is most beneficial to them,” said Casey Enevoldsen, vice -President of employee experience at Lunds & Byerlys. .

While companies struggle to find workers, some employers are considering offering paycheck flexibility as an added benefit to help recruit and retain workers.

Paycheck advance applications that have emerged in recent years allow workers to quickly access their earned wages. Some like Earnin are available to everyone. Others, such as Branch, DailyPay, Even, and Payactiv, are offered to workers through their employers.

Supporters of these services say they offer workers who live on a paycheck much better alternatives to payday loans, cash advances, late payment fees and overdraft fees. Consumer advocates warn that the services should be used with caution, especially since some of them charge minimal fees for early transfers. Lunds & Byerlys employees will not pay any fees.

Lunds & Byerlys, headquartered in Edina, has 28 stores in the Twin Cities area and approximately 4,000 employees.

Bad payers and cash advance financing opportunists portrayed in local lawsuits Tue, 16 Nov 2021 17:14:24 +0000

The contrasts between deadbeat borrowers and opportunistic lenders, as the providers and users of merchant cash advance financing claim, are perfectly illustrated in two lawsuits filed on November 9 in the Westchester Supreme Court.

Greenwich Capital Management Limited Partnership of White Plains says the owner of Auto Custom Leathers Inc. of Ludlow, Massachusetts quickly defaulted on a $ 76,945 loan and filed for bankruptcy.

Dave Hancock of Yonkers said in a separate complaint that New York Unity Factor, of Manhattan, illegally charged his company up to 288% interest.

Merchant cash advances are also known as accounts receivable financing. The trader receives a quick injection of money. The lender gets a percentage of the future income to be assessed daily on the merchant’s bank account.

The industry characterizes financing as a purchase of future assets and claims that advances are not, in fact, loans.

The business owner is usually required to sign an admission of judgment securing the agreement and waiving the right to defend themselves in court. Many states have banned admissions of judgment because of the potential for abuse, according to a 2018 series on cash advances to traders by Bloomberg News. New York allows them.

In the case of Greenwich Capital, Auto Custom Leather agreed in January and April 2019 to sell a total of $ 76,945 in future income for $ 55,000.

Owner Gerald Zalucki guaranteed payment. He also signed documents in which he said he did not intend to cease operating the business within a year and that he did not plan to file for bankruptcy.

Four months later, Auto Custom Leather reportedly stopped repaying the loan, and Zalucki filed for Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy, declaring $ 269,050 in assets and $ 315,374 in liabilities.

Zalucki did not name Greenwich Capital as a creditor, according to the complaint, and Greenwich Capital was not aware of the bankruptcy until after the Chapter 13 plan was approved last January.

Greenwich Capital says Zalucki still owes $ 45,456 on initial transactions, plus 16% interest per annum as of August 2019.

Zalucki’s bankruptcy lawyer Eric Kornblum did not respond to an email asking for his client’s version.

Dave Hancock paints a very different picture. As an officer for CPC Construction, from Gilbert, Arizona, he and Alan Langer, also from Yonkers, made three deals with New York Unity Factor.

Each new agreement absorbed the terms of the previous agreement. As of November 2018, Hancock and Langer had agreed to sell more than $ 2.8 million in future revenue for around $ 1.3 million. The company had to pay back $ 25,000 a day for 113 days.

Hancock and Langer signed admissions of judgment securing the obligation.

The agreements were made with Complete Business Solutions Group and were subsequently acquired by New York Unity Factor.

New York Unity Factor filed a lawsuit in 2018 to enforce the judgment admissions, and a Westchester Supreme Court judge approved the judgments.

Hancock argues his judgment should be overturned because the loans were illegal, with interest ranging from 93% to 288%, while New York City does not allow more than 16% interest.

He cites a July 2020 emergency action filed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission against Complete Business Solutions in federal court in Miami. The SEC accused the company of making opportunistic loans and charging small businesses more than 400% interest.

Hancock has some basis for optimism. Last year, her partner, Langer, filed an almost identical lawsuit against New York Unity Factor.

On August 11, Westchester Supreme Court Justice Linda S. Jamieson allowed Langer’s motion to set aside the judgment because the lender had failed to respond to Langer’s complaint or petition.

Attempts to ask New York Unity Factor for its side of the story have failed.

Greenwich Capital is represented by Manhattan attorney Jonathan M. Borg. Hancock is represented by Brooklyn attorney Jay B. Itkowitz.

How tech companies can make predatory payday loans obsolete Wed, 10 Nov 2021 10:39:11 +0000

There are many payday loan companies in the United States, and they all have one thing in common – they use predatory tactics to take advantage of people with little money.

The payday loan industry has been around for decades and it is time we found a better solution.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how tech companies can make payday loans obsolete by using their resources to create an alternative lending system that is fair and transparent.

What is the predatory loan?

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Payday loans are small, short term moment cash announcementadvances that payday loan companies grant to people who have no money or bad credit.

The payday loan industry is based on the idea of ​​locking borrowers into a cycle of debt.

If someone takes out a payday loan expecting to pay it off with their next paycheck but can’t afford it because they couldn’t find a job during the weeks between jobs , payday lenders will carry over any one month remaining balance owed. date until the day after the borrower’s next payday without interest charges.

This means that if you take out $ 100 and you can only afford to pay off half of it before your next payday, the lender will not charge you anything for what is not repaid.

However, if you don’t make any payments during that month, payday lenders will start charging interest on the total balance of $ 100 ($ 15 per $ 100 borrowed).

This is just one example of how payday loan companies use predatory tactics in order to take advantage of people with low incomes and bad credit.

What can tech companies do about it?

With over 80% market share, Google has the resources to create an alternative loan system for payday loans.

By teaming up with other tech giants like Facebook or Apple who also hold large market shares (and users), they could create a lending platform where borrowers could borrow money from their social network. using their future salary as collateral instead of having no savings account that makes them ineligible for payday loans.

This alternative loan system would reduce or even eliminate defaults because it would be backed by the borrower’s future paycheck that he already receives regularly.

In this way, payday loan companies would not need to rely solely on borrowers with no money and bad credit in order to make profits like they are doing now; instead, payday lenders will continue to generate income from interest charges while helping people who otherwise could not afford anything other than payday loans to access cash when they need it. really needed.

What does this mean for tech companies?

Credit: Pexels

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Tech companies could potentially solve the biggest problems facing society today if only we gave them the power to do so.

By collaborating with other major players working towards similar goals, tech entrepreneurs can use their resources and knowledge to create innovative solutions that will help the world become a better place.

In this payday loan example, tech companies have the opportunity to work with other major players to provide borrowers with a fairer and more transparent solution than payday loans currently are.

The payday industry has been around for decades and some payday loan companies offer low interest rates with minimal fees.

Green day online is a payday loan company that also offers payday loan borrowers an easy way to apply online through their website.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and there are no hidden fees or surprises when you receive your payday loans.

The Benefits of Using Technology to Make Payday Loans Obsolete

Tech companies can make payday loans obsolete by teaming up with other tech giants and creating a lending platform where borrowers could borrow money from their social network.

With over 80% market share, Google has the resources to create an alternative loan system for payday loans.

By teaming up with other tech giants like Facebook or Apple who also hold large market shares (and users), they could create a lending platform where borrowers could borrow money from their social network. using their future salary as collateral instead of having no savings account that makes them ineligible for payday loans.

Provide responsible and low-cost access to capital

payday loans

Credit: Pexels

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Provide low-cost and responsible access to capital.

With over 80% market share, Google has the resources to create an alternative loan system for payday loans.

By teaming up with other tech giants like Facebook or Apple who also hold large market shares (and users), they could create a lending platform where borrowers could borrow money from their social network. using their future salary as collateral instead of having no savings account that makes them ineligible for payday loans.

Encourage policies

Along with collaborations and tools that can help individuals avoid the shady lending industry, tech companies – especially fintech firms – should encourage policies aimed at dismantling the business model used by the industry.

A national credit limit on interest rates that makes it illegal for lenders to charge more than the fixed amount is an essential first step.

States like Nebraska, as well as Illinois, had already passed interest rate caps, but relying on state government legislation is a slow and ineffective solution.

Tech companies should use their platforms to promote national regulations and make them part of their own products in order to limit the interest rate they charge.

This will ensure that all Americans are safe from predatory lenders.

Americans still face uncertain economic times as jobs are returning at a slower pace than expected.

The federal stimulus package that helped many households during the pandemic has ended and lenders who were reluctant to lend may get back on their feet during the outbreak.

Tech companies have unique abilities to weed out predatory payday lenders and help create an efficient financial system for everyone.

Now is the time to use their abilities.

What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages! And if you love to listen to movie podcasts, why not check out our podcasts, Small Screen Stories and Small Screen Film Club wherever you get your podcasts!

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Illinois settles deal with Money Mutual and other payday lenders Mon, 08 Nov 2021 17:33:15 +0000 A settlement has been reached with online payday lenders Money Mutual, Partner Weekly and Selling Source, according to a press release from the Illinois attorney general’s office.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation was also involved in the case.

The lawsuit claimed that Money Mutual lured borrowers to its website through famous spokesperson Montel Williams.

The companies reportedly generated leads with personal financial information from tens of thousands of Illinois consumers, according to the lawsuit, all of whom were looking for loans. This personal information was then sold to payday lenders who in turn used it to offer loans to potential borrowers, according to the lawsuit.

“The department is proud to protect Illinois consumers from targeting unlicensed lenders and their hard-earned income,” IDFPR Acting Secretary Mario Treto, Jr. said in a statement. “We take this responsibility seriously and will continue to fulfill our mission as opportunities arise in the future.”

By settling the case, Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul resolves allegations that companies violated Illinois loan laws by generating unlicensed payday lending leads and organizing unauthorized payday loans. High cost payday loans for out of state payday lenders.

The settlement filed with the Cook County Circuit Court requires companies to immediately stop offering loans to borrowers in Illinois without being licensed.

“Payday lenders disproportionately target low-income communities and communities of color, and they make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for people to escape the cycle of poverty,” Raoul said in a press release. . “I am committed to protecting Illinois residents from payday lenders who operate illegally and trap people in expensive loans with unaffordable interest rates.”

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More people get paid by the day as apps and employers offer a new routine Sat, 06 Nov 2021 13:01:53 +0000

Like an increasing number of hourly workers, Jenna Gallegos no longer has to wait two weeks for her salary. Instead, it can be paid for every day.

She uses a service called DailyPay to get money for the hours she already worked before payday. “It’s very convenient, especially if you have an emergency and need money right away,” she said.

Gallegos uses DailyPay a few times a week, but added that she sometimes takes too much money and later ends up in a hole. And she doesn’t like that she has to pay a small fee. Still, she’s glad it’s an option.

DailyPay is one of the many payday advance apps that have emerged in recent years that allow workers to quickly access their earned wages. Some like Earnin are available to everyone. Others, including DailyPay and others such as Branch, Even, and Payactiv, are offered to workers through their employers.

At a time when many companies are struggling to find workers amid the pandemic-induced labor shortage, some employers are considering offering these services as an added benefit to help recruit and retain employees. workers.

Supporters of these services note that they offer workers who live on a paycheck much better alternatives to payday loans, cash advances, late payment fees, and overdraft fees.

Consumer advocates warn that the services should be used with caution, especially since some of them charge minimal fees for initial transfers.

The Twin Cities area, which has been a financial services hub for decades, has seen some of these businesses take hold here.

In 2019, New York-based DailyPay opened a second office in downtown Minneapolis, which quickly grew to 150 employees and now houses its customer support and payment processing center. After raising an additional $ 175 million in a Series D funding round in May, when it was valued at over $ 1 billion, DailyPay now plans to add 50 more workers in the Twin Cities of ‘by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Branch, a Minneapolis-based fintech firm that has gone from helping employees change jobs to accelerating payments to workers, plans to double its workforce to 200 by next year. . Branch also recently secured $ 48 million from private investors and a $ 500 million line of credit as part of a Series B financing round.

Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay, says these services are growing in popularity as people have become accustomed to being able to transfer money whenever they want, such as paying a friend a few dollars through Venmo when they go out for a slice of pizza.

“As consumers we are all used to money flowing instantly and money being controlled in the palm of our hand,” he said. “What we want to do is create a world where minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, you can control all aspects of your payroll the same way you can control all aspects of your checking account. . “

Last year, DailyPay hired one of its largest employers for the service: Minneapolis-based Target, which employs nearly 400,000 workers in the United States. He also works with other large companies such as Dollar Tree and Big Lots.

DailyPay charges workers $ 2.99 for instant transfer. For a transfer the next day, it’s $ 1.99 or free depending on the contract. Company executives note that it’s cheaper than some off-grid ATMs.

“It may not seem like much,” said Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst for, but the fees can add up and reduce the money you could save. “It can be a slippery slope.”

While not technically a loan, Rossman said a charge of $ 3 to withdraw $ 100 over two weeks equates to an annual percentage rate of 78%.

But he said he understands why some workers may want to use these services in a pinch. “There aren’t a lot of good alternatives, which is why I think we are seeing this kind of thing popping up,” he said.

Branch, who works with companies like Kelly Services, doesn’t necessarily charge a fee to access salaries up front, but it does for instant transfers to an external debit card.

The goal, said branch CEO Atif Siddiqi, is that consumers do not have to use payday advances on a regular basis and that they build up a cash cushion.

In financial services, these companies are known as the Access to Earned Wages industry – and they are largely unregulated.

Some consumer advocates want the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to overturn its decision not to treat these services as credit providers, exempting them from certain consumer protection laws.

In the meantime, employers say these payday advance apps have become very popular with their employees.

Since it started offering DailyPay last spring, around 100 of Mary T’s 900 employees have used it in any given week, said Jason Tjosvold, executive director of the home and health care provider. based in Coon Rapids.

Mary T previously offered loans to employees who needed emergency funds, but some workers found the process cumbersome and didn’t like how long it took.

“It’s hard for people to reconcile how they can get a ride or order a meal and get it in half an hour,” Tjosvold said. “But if you work on the first Sunday of our pay period, you don’t get paid until 20 days later, so [that is] basically three weeks. “

Mary T is in an industry that continues to struggle to fill positions, a challenge made worse by the pandemic. So adding DailyPay as an option was also an additional recruiting tool besides other things like referral bonuses, increasing his 401 (k) match and granting more vacation time.

Mall of America, which pays its roughly 600 employees twice a month like most employers, began offering DailyPay in 2019.

“Employees want choices and the ability to access their pay when they want,” said Carrie Wright, vice president of human resources at the mall.

About half of the mall staff have signed up for DailyPay, which means they’ve logged in and created an account. And about a quarter of them are considered engaged users, doing an average of 2.5 transfers per week, the typical amount being $ 100, according to the mall.

Yet not everyone is rushing to use these apps. Zetta Sharkey, a guard at the mall, is not interested in receiving part of her salary sooner.

“I’m old school,” she said, adding that she prefers to be paid every two weeks.

That way, she isn’t tempted to spend it right away, which she added could happen a lot since she works in a mall.

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