City of Vicksburg secures grant from NRCS to repair toboggans – The Vicksburg Post

Vicksburg is receiving a total of $ 267,300 in grant funds from the Natural Resources Conservation Service to repair two landslide areas in the city that could threaten the streets.

The mayor’s and aldermen’s council on Monday authorized Mayor George Flaggs Jr. to execute the request for money to repair landslides on Farmer Street and Clover Lane. The grant will cover approximately 80 percent of the total cost of $ 348,300 for the two projects, with the city providing the balance of $ 81,000.

Both landslide zones occurred during heavy rains that hit the Warren County area between January and April 2020.

“It gets to where it (the slips) could affect the streets,” said public works manager Garnet Van Norman. “It’s not yet, but it probably will.”

He said the Farmer Street slide, which happened in April 2020, is probably the worse of the two. The landslide, which washed away a section of property between two buildings at 1108 and 1114 Farmer Street, sent earth cascading down a slope into a dead end section of China Street, which is at the bottom of ‘a slope behind the property.

Farmer Street and Clover Lane were two of nine projects involving erosion issues that were submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency by the city for an emergency grant.

Other areas included Riverfront Park, James E. Sturgis Sr. Street, Crestline Lane (Street), Greenhill, a culvert on Crestline Lane and a culvert near the intersection of Iowa Boulevard and US 61 South near McDonald’s and Project City Park to replace a damaged walking path and replace the fence.

Clover Lane and Farmer Street have not been approved by FEMA, and city officials have requested NRCS funds. In February, the board approved a short-term loan of $ 4 million to begin repairs to some of the landslide areas pending federal money. The loan will be repaid with federal funds.

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