India must face China alone!

India must face China alone!

In a latest article, India has received an important message from the United States that it will continue to support India with the equipment and other things it needs along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China, a senior US admiral has told lawmakers, saying Washington and New Delhi share a “tremendous partnership”.

In the context of the current crisis in Ukraine and India’s position, the US Admiral’s remarks carry great significance as India and China held another round of military dialogue on Friday to resolve the 22-month stalemate over some remaining sticking points in eastern Ladakh.

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on “military posture in the Indo-Pacific region” this week, Admiral John Aquilino, commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, said the military relationship between the two countries is likely at its highest point.

“The Malabar exercise with Japan, Australia, the United States and India is essential. Increase in mini-lateral and multilateral engagements with the Indians, and eventually continue to sell them equipment so that we can be more interoperable and more effective together in the military field,” he said.

On Wednesday, Ely Ratner, assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific security affairs, told members of the House Armed Services Committee during a congressional hearing on the Indo-Pacific region that he perceived the US-India defense relationship as one with “incredible momentum”. ‘.

How seriously should India take the US statement given the US failure to help and protect Ukraine from a Russian attack? India fully understands that it cannot depend on any foreign power for security and that it must act according to its own strengths.

The clash at Ladakh’s eastern border between Indian and Chinese military erupted on May 5, 2020, following a violent clash in the Pangong Lake areas.

China has always taken India and its other neighbor for granted and has always demonstrated its hegemonic conduct in land and sea territorial issues with its neighbors. Emboldened by India’s conduct and compliant response in the past, China’s April-May 2020 transgression unilaterally disrupted the Line of Effective Control status quo and resulted in a major physical clash between Indian and Chinese troops. .

The Chinese had their noses bloodied and were surprised by the Indian response in both intensity and speed of force build-up to negate any further gains.

Secondly, the Indian Army’s counterattack to dominate the Kailash Range in August 2020 has upset China operationally, both physically and psychologically. This put them at a disadvantage, especially in the Pangong Tso sector, and their global military image was damaged.

The LAC stalemate in Ladakh is being deliberately dragged on too long by China itself rigidly while shrewdly maneuvering consolidation strategically and militarily while engaging India in round after round of unproductive talks.

We may have underestimated the intent and magnitude of the threat on the northern border. This could be because we are mainly focusing on the western border against Pakistan and the fight against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. India has always tried to keep Beijing in good spirits by keeping a low profile towards it.

What became clear at the end of 2020 was the realization on both sides that war was not the solution, but there were flashpoints that could erupt. It was therefore necessary to defuse. This could only happen through strong and corresponding responses to China.

There was a partial de-escalation in February 2021 after several rounds of diplomatic and military talks. Both sides retreated to their sides of perception and a buffer zone was created in North Pangong Tso and Galwan. Additional de-escalation had to be done so that it could be a face rescue exercise at both ends – and that was a challenge.

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