Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens “may have abused lockdown powers to kidnap her”

One issue Sir Keir avoided mentioning was the way Labor MP Rosie Duffield was advised, for her own safety, not to attend the conference, due to her uncompromising views on women’s rights. This morning, the question prompted Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy to banging on the bbc for focusing on transgender issues despite “not making it to the door” as the party’s row over transgender rights continued. Read how he accused today’s presenter Nick Robinson of raising an issue “which most Brits don’t talk about”.

The decline of gas stations

Sir Keir began his speech by targeting the fuel crisis. “You can’t even refuel,” he sneered before suggesting the government blame other people “then come up with a half-baked solution.” School buses and taxis having been touched by ongoing fuel shortages, as a local council established its own priority list for essential workers. This follows days of chaos on gas station forecourts as reports that a shortage of tanker drivers threatened supplies sparked a wave of panic buying. Another factor behind the long lines was the dwindling number of garages caused by decades of decline and consolidation as stations seek to reinvent themselves. Rachel Millard examined what happened to all the gas stations while André Lilico explains how the fuel panic could have been avoided – by increasing oil prices.

The highest prices since 2013

That said, the shortage of truck drivers, rising oil prices and unscrupulous retailers all contributed to the rise in gasoline prices this week, with fuel costs now hitting an eight-year high. The price of gasoline soared to 136.7 pence per liter this week, the highest level since 2013, while diesel rose to 138.58 pence per liter, according to the automotive organization RAC. Britain is now the 15th most expensive country in the world to refuel a car. Will kirkman States why Britain is so expensive.

Commentary and Analysis

Around the world: France “humiliated”, according to the former Prime Minister

Former Australian leader Malcolm Turnbull said today that his successor France “deliberately deceived” when he canceled a multibillion-euro submarine deal with Paris in favor of US or UK nuclear-powered alternatives. Turnbull, whose government approved the submarine deal with France in 2016, was scathing how Prime Minister Scott Morrison handled change, which was part of a new strategic alliance with the United States and Britain.

Wednesday interview

“We introduced Natasha’s law – but that will never bring her back”

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