The Council Advancement Loan Fund for Native Hawaiians

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement has programs to help community members. We spoke with Mehanaokala Hind, Senior Vice President of Community Programs, about the loan fund.

“As a community development financial institution, we provide financial capital in the form of loans to Native Hawaiians and other underserved communities facing challenges in obtaining credit for their small businesses, construction and repair. homes, and in some cases in the form of bridging loans to other organizations and people in need of short-term funding.
We also wanted to know more about the Community Development Financial Institution.

“A CDFI is a US Treasury certified financial entity designed to meet the credit needs of communities and individuals who do not have access to affordable and reliable capital. Unlike traditional banks, CDFIs offer more flexibility in underwriting practices when seeking loan approvals. We are able to tailor our decisions to circumstances that might otherwise prevent a business or individual from accessing loan capital, such as lower credit scores or limited guarantees. “

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