The New South Wales site punished for its lack of “monitoring and control”

New South Wales’ Independent Alcohol and Gaming Authority issued sanctions against Parramatta Hotel Rose and Crown for a lack of “supervision and control” by those with responsibilities.

It came after a former managing director reported the establishment, sparking a lawsuit which not only sued the Rose and Crown but also convicted the former employee of stealing A$15,000 .

It was discovered that between 2017 and 2018, site staff authorized at least A$145,000 in credit and debit withdrawals from the bar’s eftpos machine, lent money from the safe to players and provided free alcohol and cigarettes to keep people playing slots. .

The Rose and Crown was found guilty of breaching its license for placing an ATM in the arcade, failing to make contact cards available to players, displaying gambling-related signs and machines visible from outside the hotel, and providing alcohol and operating games. machines outside of the stipulated trading hours on Good Friday.

Additionally, it was discovered that the former general manager, Samantha Glynn, had manipulated the payout system of the poker machines by altering the values ​​of the remaining credit tickets and creating fake tickets, allegedly stealing up to 400,000 Australian dollars. After being discovered and suspended from duty, she reported the hotel to ILGA.

“Staff used phantom transactions to hide money withdrawals for gambling, but even more incredible they made loans from the vault,” said Phil CrawfordPresident of ILGA.

“At one point a manager lent a total of A$8,000 from the pub safe to a customer who wanted to continue playing the slots. A security guard also used the safe to lend another player AU$800.

“The hotel was essentially facilitating cash advances for gambling through a fake transaction scheme and that’s a clear risk for problem gambling.”

NSW Police charged Glynn with theft totaling A$15,000 and she was also sentenced to an 18-month intensive restraining order.

In addition, ILGA imposed a fine of A$107,358 on the licensee of the hotel, RC One. Chartered Manager Paul Camkin has been fined A$10,000 and banned for 12 months from holding a license or being the Chartered Manager of a hotel.

Two close aides, Jason Marlow and Damien Kelly, were reprimanded and, along with Camkin, ordered to pay the Authority’s investigation costs.

“Thanks to the general manager’s whistleblowing, we were able to step in and investigate the hotel, ultimately holding the licensee and his close associates accountable,” Crawford added.

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