Ukraine live news: Biden warns Putin not to move on ‘a single inch’ of NATO territory – as explosions are heard on the outskirts of Lviv | world news

The Ukrainian President gave another speech.

Volodymyr Zelensky says: “The response to Russian troops will be one: hatred and contempt.

“And our Ukrainian Armed Forces will inevitably come.

“That’s why ordinary Ukrainian peasants take captive the pilots of downed Russian planes that fall on our lands.

“That’s why our “tractor troops” – Ukrainian farmers take Russian equipment from the fields and give it to our Ukrainian armed forces.

“In particular, the latest models that Russia has tried to keep secret.

“And now the occupiers are leaving them on our land and fleeing… In fact, they are doing the right thing.

“Because it is better for them to escape than to die.

“And there are and will be no other alternatives.”

Mr Zelenskyy also spoke of the awards he gave to National Guard soldiers who had “distinguished themselves in battles with the Russian occupiers”.

He said he spoke to the Polish president twice – about Ukrainian refugees in the country and support for arms.

He said European countries should “step up aid to Ukraine”, adding: “We have already been waiting for 31 days.”

He also praised the Ukrainians who are still defending Mariupol, saying: “I wish at least a percentage of their courage to those who have been thinking for 31 days to transfer a dozen or two planes or tanks.”

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