Why a group of WNY primary care practices formed a joint venture with the backing of private capital | Business premises

“The only way to make money in this area and stay viable is to have really risky contracts. Do really good, high quality care knowing that if you don’t meet certain efficiency targets and of cost, you’ll have to pay that money back,” said Dr. David Pawlowski, Chairman of the Primary Care IPA Board and Chief Medical Officer of Highgate Medical Group.

The joint venture is part of a broader industry shift towards value-based care, focused on improving quality and patient outcomes.

Several other Western New York organizations have announced similar arrangements over the past year.

Buffalo Medical Group was one of four independent physician practices that last March entered into a joint venture with Texas-based Agilon Health.

Then, in December, one of Buffalo’s largest urban healthcare organizations, G-Health Enterprises, was acquired by new company CINQ Care, which is also backed by private equity and aims to reduce health disparities by changing the way care is delivered. to black and brown communities.

G-Health Enterprises, which includes Urban Family Practice and several other affiliates, is now part of CINQ Care, which has offices in New York and Washington, DC, the organizations announced Tuesday.

The joint venture involving Primary Care IPA is focusing on Medicare’s traditional patient direct contract program this year, meaning it will oversee about 9,000 patients, said Larry Zielinski, executive director of Primary Care IPA, which includes 107 doctors.

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