Why the Hindutva Ecosystem Applauds Putin’s Decision to Invade Ukraine

On March 7, 2022, a few dozen members of the right-wing Hindu Sena group held a rally in Connaught Square in Delhi to support Russia amid the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war.

During this rally, its leader demanded that the Indian army be deployed in the war to support Russia against “fascist” Ukraine.

Earlier, the Hindu Sena, in what can only be called a wacky comedy, showed his support for Russia by putting up posters on a statue of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin at Mandi House, New Delhi. This poster read: “Indian Hindus stand with Putin and Russia in establishing the Soviet Union. Jai ho Akhand Russia. Jai Bharath”.

As reported by The Indian Expressthe head of Hindu Sena, in response to questions posed on the posters said: “Russia has always been a true friend of India. We pray and support that Russia regains its former Soviet Union and that the country takes all necessary measures to protect its borders.”

At first glance, these statements and actions may seem contradictory, as a right-wing group has expressed support for restoring the Soviet Union to communist rule. In fact, many people were amused to see a right-wing group calling for the establishment of a left-leaning regime.

But if we break down the statement of the president of the Hindu Sena and the slogan on the poster, we see that in reality there is no contradiction between what the Hindu Sena said and the ideology which he professes.

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